Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel For Your Furry Companion.

Pet Hotel With Separate Rooms For Cats and Dogs

We provide your pet a luxurious stay, delicious and healthy food, and fun walks. We have separate rooms for dogs and cats, to prevent them from fighting like cats and dogs. That would ruin the vacation.

Our comfortable, clean, and safe accommodations and services provide the perfect getaway for your dog or cat while you’re on vacation. Each room package has:

  • Tender loving care from our Animal Care Assistants
  • Complete medical team (Doctors and Nurses) to address any health issues on-site and on-call
  • Convenient drop off & pickup times
  • Temperature-controlled environments
  • Complimentary Adaptil comforting pheromones for Dogs
  • Complimentary Feliway calming pheromones for Cats
  • Maintain your pet’s regular diet – we feed the food you bring, so your pet continues to eat the same healthy and delicious food
    • Bring Your Own Food
      • Single-meal servings or treats must be in containers labeled with pet’s name & include written instructions
    • You can Bring Your Own Bed and Toys
      • Beds and toys must be labeled with pet’s name


Dog Rooms: open-air room cleaned & sanitized daily & furnished with bedding. Separate area from our Cat guests.

Cat Condos: open-air room with sunlight cleaned & sanitized daily & furnished with bedding. Separate area from our Dog guests. If your Cat is staying by itself, we can allow your cat to roam the entire common area of the Cat Condos for more space and comfort.

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